• How can the software be tested?

    demo version is available. The demo version is not time-restricted, however it is restricted in functionality; for example selection lists of materials cannot be changed and cannot be saved. The demo version provides an initial impression of the software. For an intensive test, please request a test version. You can use the contact form, or you can send your request by email. The test version runs for 30 days, it is free of charge, and corresponds to the full version (without external programs). We will send you an activation code that you can use to convert the existing demo version into a test version.

  • What kind of licenses are available?

    For both KISSsoft and KISSsys single-CPU licenses that are protected with a dongle, and floating licenses in the network are available. With the floating licenses the software can be used from any workstation, however concurrent use is restricted to the availability of licenses.

    For external products, such as some CAD interfaces, in some cases a floating version is not available.

  • Is there support for software questions?

    For software questions contact us at support@KISSsoft.ch, or by phone +41 55 254 20 55. If you have questions about a specific calculation, then please send us the saved calculation file by email (this is easiest via the menu item File->Send to (email)), so that we can reproduce the case more quickly.

  • How are software errors handled?

    We make every effort to avoid software errors, however this is not always totally possible. When we detect errors in the current version, we make corrections available at www.KISSsoft.ch/patches.htm. Customers can be notified of such corrections by a mailing list.

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